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giant comp rejiggering commit #2: popups are now objects drawn directly onto the compositor canvas with no xwindows of their own
* added a number of new e_comp functions and macros * options for disabling effects on objects: this option does not currently have any effect * all modules which used gadcon popups have been adjusted * all modules which used input windows to detect close events for gadcon popups have been adjusted to use new popup autoclose functionality * shelves are now always drawn on the compositor canvas, meaning objects will never get clipped by the shelf (ticket #1810) * shelves no longer have an event object SVN revision: 84060
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* e_shelf_desk_visible_get now takes const params
* e_util_size_debug_set now also prints for object show/hide events
* e_gadcon_unpopulate now correctly freezes the container while deleting gadgets
+ * e_popup is now a wrapper for drawing objects onto the compositor canvas
2013-02-13 Deon Thomas