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rename pointer images, different edje group names (better namespace i guess),
rationalise pointer usage down to 1 for init, 1 for everything else. SVN revision: 16304
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@@ -9,3 +9,17 @@ of its own (recommended) like:
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/e17
You will, as usual need to add the subsequent bin dir to your $PATH etc.
+* do NOT use -mfpmath=sse in CFLAGS - we are not sure, but it may have bugds
+and screws up things in edje, evas and e17. if your gcc uses this by default
+(which apparently gcc4.x does on amd64), turn it off with a -fpmath=387 in
+your CFLAGS.
+* your freetype2 version must be > 2.1.7
+* i remember hearing of bugs with later versions of freetype on some
+distributions (2.1.9 and 2.1.10) with certain patches or missing certain
+patches. be aware of this as a possible font problem.