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authorAndreas Volz <linux@brachttal.net>2010-07-06 19:49:48 +0000
committerAndreas Volz <linux@brachttal.net>2010-07-06 19:49:48 +0000
commit6e35928deace04fb811bcc6d575efdc0a9f8b73c (patch)
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parent18a8c0961cd51b51f259577ed98a2603ccd5a9a5 (diff)
added two new configuration options for the geometry_manipulation conf plugin:
int geometry_auto_move; // GUI int geometry_auto_resize_limit; // GUI This does influence the configure_request algorithm in the way that the user could disable the window geometry move and resize feature that is useful for e.g. Gnome fileselector or gnome-terminal tabs. There was a use case on the list where this was not nice so I created an option to disable it. If one thinks a special e.src shouldn't activate this feature by default, please change it. SVN revision: 50083
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diff --git a/config/default/e.src b/config/default/e.src
index 3a9bd27d9..e1a30748b 100644
--- a/config/default/e.src
+++ b/config/default/e.src
@@ -366,6 +366,8 @@ group "E_Config" struct {
value "desk_resist" int: 32;
value "window_resist" int: 12;
value "gadget_resist" int: 32;
+ value "geometry_auto_resize_limit" int: 1;
+ value "geometry_auto_move" int: 1;
value "winlist_warp_while_selecting" int: 0;
value "winlist_warp_at_end" int: 1;
value "winlist_warp_speed" double: 0.1000000014901161193847656;