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Fix common misspellings
Some misspellings were manually reverted since in E there are tons of .po with phrases in other languages. Other than that all the changes in the following files were reverted: * src/modules/illume/dicts/English_(US).dic * src/modules/illume-keyboard/dicts/English_(US).dic Following misspellings were fixed: acquited->acquitted adres->address adress->address alreayd->already aquire->acquire arbitarily->arbitrarily cant->can't Capetown->Cape carefull->careful causalities->casualties Celcius->Celsius certian->certain commandoes->commandos considerd->considered conveyer->conveyor dependant->dependent didnt->didn't discontentment->discontent doesnt->doesn't everytime->every exemple->example existance->existence existant->existent existince->existence Farenheit->Fahrenheit forbad->forbade funguses->fungi guage->gauge guerilla->guerrilla guerillas->guerrillas happend->happened hasnt->hasn't heros->heroes inbetween->between independant->independent inital->initial intrusted->entrusted irregardless->regardless isnt->isn't knifes->knives layed->laid loosing->losing marrage->marriage midwifes->midwives miniscule->minuscule monickers->monikers mroe->more noone->no one occured->occurred omre->more paralell->parallel payed->paid planed->planned quitted->quit quizes->quizzes seperated->separated seperate->separate shoudl->should similiar->similar simplier->simpler specifiying->specifying teh->the toke->took torpedos->torpedoes Tuscon->Tucson unecessary->unnecessary useage->usage usefull->useful useing->using waht->what wanna->want whith->with wich->which withing->within SVN revision: 52006
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@@ -165,7 +165,7 @@ WHEN:
When new applications are installed, will need to update.
- Parse them during idle time, maybe as a seperate process. Monitor
+ Parse them during idle time, maybe as a separate process. Monitor
relevant directories. ~/.e/e/applications/menu/all is the results
cached to disk.
@@ -360,7 +360,7 @@ comments on cache doc:
smart that the existing evas cache :) so don't worry about icons and
their pixels - just the file paths/keys
2. instead of "in memory" let's try a new idea. lets put it in a flat
- mmap'ed file (not eet). let's not make it architecture dependant
+ mmap'ed file (not eet). let's not make it architecture dependent
(write any integers in a fixed byte order) and make it all offset
based. fill the file with strings and indexes and fast search indexes
etc. 1 big flat file for the whole cache.. the eap structs themselves