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Made a start on documenting the internals of how E treats FDO specs a
little differently. I'll finish this after I sleep. SVN revision: 25535
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+Enlightenment DR17 use freedesktop.org .desktop files according to the
+XDG Desktop Entry Specification version 0.9.4, icon themes according to
+the XDG Icon Theme Specification version 0.11, and menus according to
+the Desktop Menu Specification version 0.92. There are some extensions
+.desktop extensions.
+Two extension fields are defined as allowed by the specification.
+X-Enlightenment-IconPath is used to specify an absolute or relative path to
+an icon file. If it exists it overrides any other icon specifications.
+X-Enlightenment-IconClass is used to specify a list of icon classes.
+This is the same information that was in .eaps as app/icon/class, and is
+used the same way if it exists. Obviously any .desktop file that comes
+with packages outside of E is unlikely to have that field. One further
+twist is that if the icon classes are not found in edje, then icon class
+becomes a list of icons to search in the standard FDO way.
+The standard Icon field is also treated differently. If it contains a /
+it is considered to be an absolute path, or a path relative to the
+location of the .desktop file. Otherwise, if no icon class was
+specified in the .desktop file, then the Icon, Exec, and Categories
+fields are used in that order to build an icon class. Everything but
+the Icon field is lower cased.
+This means that for standard .desktop files, with out the extension
+fields, icons in the E theme are searched for first, then icons are
+searched for in the usual FDO way, unless the Icon field specifies a
+path, then it is simply used with no searching. Converted .eaps should
+just copy the app/icon/class data to the X-Enlightenment-IconClass
+Icon theme extensions.
+.edj files are searched for before the other types of icon file. The
+"icon" group is used to specify the graphics for the icon. It is up to
+the code using the result to allow full edje interactions and
+animations, and people that write that code are encouraged to support it
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