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syscon module added - provides a system entry in main menu (build in one gone
now). syscon has a poup with buttons (configurale) that offer all the logout/reboot etc. stuff. also able to extend with more items or inline them into the theme too. not complete. need config for being able to extend the syscon popup (and use it) and no gui config for configuring what should appear and how it should look. possibly theme should have custon elements for the ones curently using button + icon look. also no keyboard control. SVN revision: 37797
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-Xephyr :1 -noreset -ac -br -dpi 284 -screen 480x640x16 &
+#Xephyr :1 -noreset -ac -br -dpi 284 -screen 480x640x16 &
#Xephyr :1 -noreset -ac -br -dpi 284 -screen 480x640 &
#Xephyr :1 -noreset -ac -br -dpi 284 -screen 640x480x16 &
#Xephyr :1 -noreset -ac -br -dpi 284 -screen 640x480 &
-#Xephyr :1 -noreset -ac -br -dpi 181 -screen 320x320x16 &
+Xephyr :1 -noreset -ac -br -dpi 181 -screen 320x320x16 &
#Xephyr :1 -noreset -ac -br -dpi 181 -screen 320x320 &
#Xephyr :1 -noreset -ac -br -dpi 186 -screen 272x480x16 &
#Xephyr :1 -noreset -ac -br -dpi 186 -screen 272x480 &