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* bye bye!Carsten Haitzler2004-11-251-202/+0
* More SPLIT merging.rbdpngn2003-01-151-27/+0
* remove ferite from the makefiles, so people who _do_ have the right version ofTill Adam2002-04-211-0/+24
* patch by Kirby Kuehl fixing compilation on *BSD. Yeah.Till Adam2002-03-101-0/+28
* re-enable drag and drop. Turned out to need only minimal adjustments. Not ext...Till Adam2002-02-261-0/+4
* and this one too ;)Till Adam2002-02-251-0/+20
* Alright, I spent some time now reading e17's code. Here's whatcpk2001-11-021-0/+12
* Documentation setup ...cpk2001-10-131-0/+39
* With the release of ferite veriosn 0.99.1 today I have updated the feriteboris2001-10-091-0/+8
* no need for ferite. fun.boris2001-08-311-0/+12
* Ok this has got some initial support with ferite, currently you can onlyboris2001-08-251-0/+16
* Committing gettext's files ...cpk2001-08-231-0/+40
* Stuff I forgot ...cpk2001-07-301-0/+26
* e 0.17 ...... :)Carsten Haitzler2000-12-081-0/+0