path: root/src/mesa/state_tracker/st_cb_bitmap.c
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* st/mesa: combine vertex/fragment sampler state in arraysBrian Paul2012-08-161-5/+6
* st/mesa: don't clamp fragment color with integer colorbufferMarek Olšák2012-08-151-1/+2
* st/mesa: rename some vertex/fragment state fields for better consistencyBrian Paul2012-08-061-5/+7
* gallium: consolidate CSO sampler and sampler_view functionsBrian Paul2012-08-031-6/+7
* st/mesa: flush the glBitmap cache before changing framebuffer stateMarek Olšák2012-07-231-39/+35
* st/mesa: remove st_flush_bitmap wrapperMarek Olšák2012-07-221-10/+0
* st/mesa: write vertices directly into the buffer for glBitmapMarek Olšák2012-04-181-29/+32
* st/mesa: use u_upload_mgr to upload vertices for glBitmapMarek Olšák2012-04-181-57/+18
* st/mesa: do vertex and fragment color clamping in shadersMarek Olšák2012-01-251-0/+2
* Squash-merge branch 'gallium-clip-state'Marek Olšák2012-01-101-0/+1
* st/mesa: implement EXT_transform_feedback and ARB_transform_feedback2Marek Olšák2011-12-151-0/+3
* st/mesa: fix OOM failure in bitmap codeBrian Paul2011-11-111-5/+10
* st/mesa: set geometry shader to NULL when doing internal drawingMarek Olšák2011-11-041-0/+5
* Merge branch 'glsl-to-tgsi'Bryan Cain2011-08-041-6/+29
| * st/mesa, glsl_to_tgsi: support glBitmap with a GLSL fragment shader activeBryan Cain2011-08-011-6/+29
* | st/mesa: silence int/float and double/float conversion warningsBrian Paul2011-08-041-4/+4
* gallium: remove the geom_flags param from is_format_supportedMarek Olšák2011-03-111-3/+3
* mesa: move PBO-related functions into a new fileBrian Paul2011-02-281-0/+1
* gallium: add usage parameter to pipe_buffer_createMarek Olšák2011-02-151-0/+1
* gallium: always save and restore vertex buffers using cso_cacheMarek Olšák2011-02-141-1/+3
* st/mesa: pass layers param to st_texture_create()Brian Paul2011-01-281-2/+2
* st/mesa: Include mfeatures.h in files that perform feature tests.Vinson Lee2011-01-091-0/+1
* st/mesa: s/varient/variantBrian Paul2010-12-161-3/+3
* st/mesa: 80-columns wrapping, whitespace fixes in st_cb_bitmap.cBrian Paul2010-12-131-16/+30
* Squashed commit of the following (st-mesa-per-context-shaders branch):Brian Paul2010-12-131-42/+46
* gallium: support for array textures and related changesRoland Scheidegger2010-12-021-7/+7
* Drop GLcontext typedef and use struct gl_context insteadKristian Høgsberg2010-10-131-5/+5
* st/mesa: fix code/declaration mixingKeith Whitwell2010-08-201-3/+2
* mesa/st: support using PIPE_TEXTURE_RECT internallyLuca Barbieri2010-08-201-8/+15
* gallium: make all checks for PIPE_TEXTURE_2D check for PIPE_TEXTURE_RECT tooLuca Barbieri2010-08-201-1/+1
* st/mesa: Clean up header file inclusion in st_program.h.Vinson Lee2010-08-051-0/+1
* mesa: rename src/mesa/shader/ to src/mesa/program/shader-file-reorgBrian Paul2010-06-101-3/+3
* Merge branch 'gallium-msaa'Roland Scheidegger2010-05-211-3/+3
| * mesa/st: adapt to interface changesRoland Scheidegger2010-05-171-3/+3
* | st/mesa: Make st_cb_{bitmap,drawpixels}.h FEATURE_drawpix aware.Chia-I Wu2010-05-121-0/+3
* | mesa/st: Remove internal flushes from Mesa state tracker.José Fonseca2010-05-111-4/+3
* st/mesa: clean-up: use st_context() everywhereBrian Paul2010-04-231-10/+12
* st/mesa: s/st_sampler_view_from_texture/st_create_texture_sampler_view/Brian Paul2010-04-181-2/+2
* Squashed commit of the following:Keith Whitwell2010-04-101-26/+27
* Merge commit 'origin/master' into gallium-sampler-viewKeith Whitwell2010-03-131-14/+9
| * gallium: remove pipe_context member from pipe_transferKeith Whitwell2010-03-111-4/+4
| * Squashed commit of gallium-context-transfers:Keith Whitwell2010-03-111-14/+9
* | st/mesa: Associate a sampler view with an st texture object.Michal Krol2010-03-121-17/+31
* Merge branch 'gallium-vertexelementcso'Roland Scheidegger2010-03-091-0/+4
| * st/mesa: fix clear/drawpixels/bitmap for new cso vertex elements interfacegallium-vertexelementcsoRoland Scheidegger2010-03-091-0/+4
* | st/mesa: change viewport Z scale/bias for glBitmap/glDrawPixelsBrian Paul2010-02-221-2/+5
* | Replace _mesa_malloc, _mesa_calloc and _mesa_free with plain libc versionsKristian Høgsberg2010-02-191-1/+1
* | st/mesa: added some bitmap debug code (disabled)Brian Paul2010-02-181-0/+22
* st/mesa: Silence uninitialized variable warning in st_cb_bitmap.c.Vinson Lee2010-02-101-1/+2
* Merge branch 'gallium-embedded'José Fonseca2010-02-031-1/+1