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* Bump to 0.3.1debian/0.3.1-1Lauro Neto2010-05-045-7/+13
* Enable building of QtScriptTools module.Bruno dos Santos de Araujo2010-04-302-1/+3
* Enable Python QtScript debian package generation.Luciano Wolf2010-04-231-1/+1
* Uncomment QtHelp .install fileLauro Neto2010-04-221-1/+1
* Provide debian support for Qt multimedia module.Luciano Wolf2010-04-122-0/+12
* Provide debian support for QtXML patterns module.Luciano Wolf2010-04-122-1/+14
* Adding debian directory based on ubuntu-ppa website.Luciano Wolf2010-04-0933-0/+956