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* s3:smbd: move sconn->smb1.signing_state to xconn->smb1.signing_stateStefan Metzmacher2014-08-061-8/+8
* s3:smbd: always allow SMB1 signing, but only announce it if configured.Stefan Metzmacher2014-04-161-2/+5
* lib/param: Consolidate code to enable smb signing on the server, always enabl...Andrew Bartlett2013-11-221-12/+9
* libcli/smb: pass hdr/len to smb_signing_check/sign_pdu() and skip the nbt headerStefan Metzmacher2012-08-041-2/+8
* s3:smbd: skip nbt header in srv_check_sign_mac()Stefan Metzmacher2012-08-041-4/+10
* s3:smbd/signing: use smbd_server_connection as talloc parent for its smb1 sig...Stefan Metzmacher2012-05-251-2/+2
* s3:smbd: make use of SMB_SIGNING_* constantsStefan Metzmacher2011-11-031-3/+4
* s3:param: the behavior of "client/server signing = auto" is the same as "true"Stefan Metzmacher2011-11-031-2/+0
* libcli/smb: move smb_signing.[ch] to the toplevelStefan Metzmacher2011-10-251-1/+1
* s3:smbd: make use of better SMB signing negotiationStefan Metzmacher2011-09-141-2/+11
* s3:smb_signing: add support for easier negotiation of SMB signingStefan Metzmacher2011-09-141-3/+7
* s3-globals Remove smbd_event_context() (use server_event_context())Andrew Bartlett2011-05-311-2/+2
* s3: include smbd/smbd.h where needed.Günther Deschner2011-03-301-0/+1
* s3:smbd: use anonymous_shared_free() for shared memory signing stateStefan Metzmacher2011-01-201-0/+7
* lib/util: s/allocate_anonymous_shared/anonymous_shared_allocate/Stefan Metzmacher2011-01-201-1/+1
* s3-build: only include smb_signing.h where needed.Günther Deschner2010-08-181-1/+1
* s3: Attempt to fix the build on AIX, shm_ptr seems to be a macro thereVolker Lendecke2010-03-291-5/+6
* s3:smbd: setup a shared memory area for the signing stateStefan Metzmacher2010-03-221-0/+80
* s3:smbd: add an option to skip signings checks srv_check_sign_mac for trusted...Stefan Metzmacher2010-03-221-1/+23
* s3:smbd: move SMB1 specific stuff into a substructure of smbd_server_connectionStefan Metzmacher2009-05-261-13/+13
* s3:smbd: use new simplified snb_signing code in the serverStefan Metzmacher2009-03-231-0/+158