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* tpm: Rework tpm_build_and_send_cmd() into tpm_simple_cmd()Kevin O'Connor2016-11-271-3/+7
* tpm: Don't call tpm_build_and_send_cmd() from tpm20_stirrandom()Kevin O'Connor2016-11-271-1/+2
* tpm: Add comment banners to tcg.c separating major parts of specKevin O'Connor2016-11-271-101/+91
* tpm: Append to TPM2 log the hashes used for PCR extensionKevin O'Connor2016-08-111-12/+12
* tpm: Extend tpm20_extend to support extending to multiple PCR banksStefan Berger2016-08-101-7/+25
* tpm: Refactor tpml_digest_values_sha1 structureStefan Berger2016-08-101-3/+3
* tpm: Restructure tpm20_extend to use buffer and take hash as parameterStefan Berger2016-08-101-1/+1
* tpm: Retrieve the PCR Bank configurationStefan Berger2016-08-101-0/+29
* tpm: Write logs in TPM 2 formatKevin O'Connor2016-02-291-0/+35
* tpm: Filter TPM commands in passthrough APIStefan Berger2016-02-051-0/+2
* tpm: Implement TPM 2's tpm_set_failure partStefan Berger2016-02-051-0/+12
* tpm: Implement tpm20_menuStefan Berger2016-02-051-0/+17
* tpm: Implement tpm20_extendStefan Berger2016-02-051-0/+17
* tpm: Implement tpm20_prepbootStefan Berger2016-02-051-0/+44
* tpm: Implement tpm20_startup and tpm20_s3_resumeStefan Berger2016-02-051-0/+20
* tpm: Add support for harware physical presenceStefan Berger2016-01-071-0/+1
* tpm: Introduce tpm_get_capability() helper functionKevin O'Connor2016-01-051-8/+9
* tpm: Avoid macro expansion of tpm request / response structsKevin O'Connor2015-12-291-23/+17
* tpm: Add a menu for TPM configurationStefan Berger2015-12-201-0/+41
* tpm: Don't implement scatter-gather in transmit()Kevin O'Connor2015-11-231-4/+0
* tpm: pcpes->event is a variable length arrayKevin O'Connor2015-11-231-1/+1
* tpm: Refactor pass_through_to_tpmStefan Berger2015-11-221-11/+0
* tpm: Drop code using the TPM for sha1Stefan Berger2015-11-221-3/+0
* tpm: Move standard definitions from tcgbios.h to new file std/tcg.hKevin O'Connor2015-11-191-0/+346