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diff --git a/test.sh b/test.sh
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--- /dev/null
+++ b/test.sh
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+echo "now test ext2..."
+./extlinux ext2.img extlinux.conf
+./extlinux ext2.img hdt.c32
+./extlinux ext2.img /link/bochsout.txt
+./extlinux ext2.img git.book
+echo "now we need test ext4...."
+./extlinux ext4.img README
+./extlinux ext4.img /book/null.txt
+./extlinux ext4.img /book/nokia.pdf
+echo "testing fat12 fs"
+./syslinux fat.img /test.txt
+./syslinux fat.img /ldlinux.sys
+./syslinux fat.img /boot/syslinux/a_very_long_name_syslinux.cfg
+./syslinux fat.img /boot/syslinux/hdt_long_name_version.c32
+echo "fat12 testing done..."
+echo "testing fat16 fs"
+./syslinux fat16.img /0
+./syslinux fat16.img /a/1
+./syslinux fat16.img /b/4
+./syslinux fat16.img /boot/syslinux/hdt.c32
+./syslinux fat16.img /fat/fatgen103.pdf
+echo "fat16 testing done..."
+echo "testing fat32 fs"
+./syslinux fat32.img /0
+./syslinux fat32.img /a/1
+./syslinux fat32.img /b/4
+./syslinux fat32.img /boot/syslinux/hdt.c32
+./syslinux fat32.img /fat/fatgen103.pdf
+echo "testing fat32 done ..."
+echo "testing with isofs"
+./isolinux isolinux.iso /
+./isolinux isolinux.iso /isolinux.cfg
+./isolinux isolinux.iso /isolinux.bin
+./isolinux isolinux.iso /boot.cat
+echo "testing isofs done.." \ No newline at end of file