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-README verion 0.7
+README version 0.8
+For now, I finally reached the end of my new plan that ends with isolinux
+implemented. While, I know iso9660 file system little, so I'm not sure it's
+perfect. escpially the mangle_name() function; I find that the file name
+type of iso9660 is quite complicate, and I can't handle it well 'cause I
+know nothing about iso9600 fs before.
+And as said by hpa, I rmoved the malloc and free stuff, and made the cache
+searching more effective(make it search from the recentlly head, means the
+freshest head).
+While, I still haven't made cache supported for isolinux, 'cause I find we
+couldn't cache anything like meta-data(or no meta-data of iso9600 fs) but
+the sector that stores the data of each component of a pathname.
+README version 0.7
Finally, I have tested it with FAT16 and FAT32; after the debug, it works
well too. But one thing is really wierd. MS detects the FAT filesystem type