BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
elflinkMerge branch 'master' into elflinkLiu Aleaxander11 years
extlinuxCore:EXTLINUX: add more debug stuffLiu Aleaxander12 years
isolinuxremoves the %if IS_ISOLINUX stuff in the layout.incLiu Aleaxander12 years
ldlinuxCore:LDLINUX: removes the ugly codeLiu Aleaxander12 years
masterNEWS: document fix for non-partitioned devices.H. Peter Anvin11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2009-06-23Core:EXTLINUX: add more debug stuffextlinuxLiu Aleaxander2-0/+7
2009-06-20Core:EXTLINUX: applies the path from hpa to EXTLINUXLiu Aleaxander6-62/+361
2009-06-16core: new diskio libraryLiu Aleaxander3-9/+13
2009-06-15Core:EXTLINUX: removes the open_file_t structureLiu Aleaxander1-16/+1
2009-06-15Core:EXTLINUX: clean the codeLiu Aleaxander2-61/+24
2009-06-13Core:EXTLINUX: move the header file in core into core/includeLiu Aleaxander3-17/+0
2009-06-12Core: fix the not found error when type the kernel name without the extent.Liu Aleaxander1-1/+3
2009-06-12Core: fix the menu display errorLiu Aleaxander2-2/+4
2009-06-11Core: make vfs do the workLiu Aleaxander9-194/+242
2009-06-11Core: add the skeleton fo VFS-like systemLiu Aleaxander2-0/+199