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Fix minor errors in keytab-lilo
H. Peter Anvin wrote: > Thanks for the warning. I have updated keytab-lilo in the git tree with > keytab-lilo.pl from LILO 22.8. Thank you H. Peter. I just checked it and the new version doesn't work "out of the box". It says... syntax error at keytab-lilo line 4, near "eval " Execution of keytab-lilo aborted due to compilation errors. Furthermore, after correcting lines 3 and 4 (which are responsible of the above error), keyboard maps can't be found (by loadkeys utility) because of an added bad extension (.map instead of .kmap). Attached is a patch I wrote in order to make it fully work (apply it against the version of keytab-lilo which is now in the git tree).
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