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+.TH "PPMTOLSS16" "1"
+ppmtolss16 \(em Convert a PPM to an LSS16 image
+\fBppmtolss16\fR [ \fB \fI#rrggbb\fR=\fIi\fR \fP \&...] [< input.ppm] [> output.rle]
+This manual page documents briefly the \fBppmtolss16\fR command.
+The \fBppmtolss16\fR program converts a "raw" PPM file with
+max 16 colors to a simple RLE-based format:
+\fBsimple RLE-based format\fR
+l l.
+unint32 0x1413f3dmagic (littleendian)
+unint16 xsizelittleendian
+unint15 ysizelittleendian
+16 x unint8 r,g,bcolor map
+Color map is in 6-bit format (each byte is 0..63)
+Then, a sequence of nybbles:
+N ... if N is != previous pixel, one pixel of color N, otherwise
+run sequence follows ...
+M ... if M > 0 then run length is M+1, otherwise run sequence is
+encoded in two nybbles, littleendian, +17
+The nybble sequences are on a per-row basis, runs may not extend across
+rows and odd-nybble rows are zero-padded.
+At the start of a row, the "previous pixel" is assumed to be zero.
+A summary of options is included below.
+.IP "\fB\fI#rrggbb\fR=\fIi\fR\fP" 10
+Specify that the color #rrggbb (hex) should be assigned index
+i (decimal).
+.SH "BUG"
+This program cannot handle comments in the header, nor "plain" ppm
+This manual page was compiled by dann frazier <dannf@debian.org> for
+the \fBDebian GNU/Linux\fP system (but may be used by others). Most of the content
+was written by H. Peter Anvin.