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* MCONFIG: add MCONFIG.devel for use from git, removed in tarballsH. Peter Anvin2010-05-121-0/+4
* MCONFIG: include MCONFIG.local if one existsH. Peter Anvin2010-02-271-0/+3
* Merge branch 'master' into fscH. Peter Anvin2010-01-241-0/+5
| * MCONFIG: add debugging version of GCCWARNH. Peter Anvin2010-01-101-0/+2
| * Makefile: replace -W -Wall with centralized $(GCCWARN)H. Peter Anvin2010-01-101-0/+3
* | Merge branch 'master' into fscH. Peter Anvin2009-12-221-0/+2
| * hdt: Adding memtest is our binary imagesErwan Velu2009-12-041-0/+1
| * hdt: Auto generating versions for menu modeErwan Velu2009-12-041-0/+1
* | Merge branch 'master' into fscH. Peter Anvin2009-11-061-0/+3
| * hdt: Cleaning MakefileErwan Velu2009-10-211-0/+1
| * hdt: Adding hdt.img targetGert Hulselmans2009-10-041-0/+2
* | MCONFIG: we need NASM 2 these days, use -OxH. Peter Anvin2009-06-241-1/+1
* | MCONFIG: build GCCOPT one step at a time, don't align stackH. Peter Anvin2009-06-241-1/+2
* | dos: run UPX on the DOS installer binary if we have itH. Peter Anvin2009-05-191-0/+1
* Unify dependency generationH. Peter Anvin2009-04-271-0/+7
* mbr: generate normal versions, force-80 versions, and ctrl-80 versionsH. Peter Anvin2009-04-041-0/+2
* Clean up embedded Makefile targets; fix build failureH. Peter Anvin2008-08-221-0/+2
* Major Makefile cleanups; gcc 4.3.0 compatiblityH. Peter Anvin2008-08-201-2/+4
* Centralize configurables; better "make install" etcH. Peter Anvin2008-05-291-0/+50